Kai Fagerström                                          

Piisirpinkatu 18

24130 Salo, Finland


[email protected]

Date of birth and location: 05 April 1964 in Salo, Finland



2013-2016     BA Photography, Turku Art Academy


2015              Ajantilat-exhipition in Salo Art Museum Veturitalli

2014              The House in the woods-exhipition in Detmold, Germany

2010-2014    Luonto antaa, luonto ottaa-exhipition (Around Finland)

2006              Miten niin autio-exhipation in Salo Green Art Trilogy

2000              Muistojen metsä-exhipition in Salo Art Museum Veturitalli


Nikon photo contest 2015 second prize

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 Higly commended

Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 category winner

International Federation of Wildlife Photographer 2012 overall winner

Fotofinlandia 2011 finalist

Finish Nature Photographer of Year 2011 overall winner

Salo city Cutural stipend 2010

Veolia Wildlife photographer of the Year 2010, specially commended

Finish Nature Photographer of the Year 2010, category top prize


Finlandia-talo, Wildlife photographer of Year event

Sigyn-sali, Rajala event

Helsinki Exhibition Centre, Bookfair event

Wildphotos-event, London

Kuusamo naturephoto event


Sammalhuone-book 2018

Viimeiset vieraat-book 2010. ( The House in the Woods )

Language: Finnish, German and English

My photographs have been in many magazines. For example

National Geograpich, BBC Wildlife Magazine, The Daily Mail and etc.



"The illusionary quality of beautiful nature photographs has traditionally been the principle that has guided and still does guide the work of nature photographers. This is not a problem unless the photographer or the photographer’s audience becomes conscious of it. Another central field of enquiry concerns the relationship between nature photography and art. 

Can a nature photograph ever be art?

These questions are examined against the background of this more general problem: Why would I rather be a “photographer who photographs nature” than a “nature photographer”? In seeking answers, I make use of 20 years of personal experience in the field of nature photography"